What on earth is a Safari Can?

Once a normal jerry can is empty the space is wasted. With Safari Can® you can now use the empty container for a hundred purposes.

From the dust of the Oodnadatta track to river crossings on the Old Telegraph Track, Safari Can® has travelled over 30,000 klms. 

ggg safari can 2The Safari Can is the ultimate in portable storage and functional carrying capacity for the offroad, camping or motorcycle enthusiast. It is a 20 litre securable storage container that fits over 90% of jerry can holders or can be used as a motorcycle pannier.

Safari Can® is made from UV stabilised medium density polyethylene, as used in rain water tanks, and comes with a food grade silicone seal for your ease of mind and safety.

Safari Can use it for:

  1. Panniers on motorcycles;
  2. General storage container;
  3. Carrying potable and non-potable water;
  4. A garbage bin, can be strapped to the spare wheel
  5. on vehicles;
  6. A fishing bucket;
  7. A shower bucket;
  8. A washing machine.

Safari Can® comes with:

  1. Adjustable carry handle for use once removed from your jerry can holder;
  2. Food grade silicone seal;
  3. Mitred corner on base;
  4. Recessed handle on base to assist with pouring and lifting.

ggg safari can 2


The strength of the Australian made Safari Can is it allows you to store and protect sensitive items. The case is dust proof and water tight.

It even has up to two shelves that can be installed inside. Through some water and some laundry powder and you have an instant washing machine… Did we say versatile or what?

The options keep going as well with the ability to place a caravan tap on the top to give you instant drinkable water when you need it.

A couple of ratchet strap around your spare tyre and you have a dirty gear bag, rubbish bin or recover gear storage.

Australian made and Australian designed this can are built to out last all of us.

Safari Can is:

  1. Securable (with the use of a wire cable);
  2. Plastic Weldable;
  3. Weighs approximately 4kg.

ggg safe secure personalSimply fill out the form below and an independent distributor of The Safari Can will call within 24 hours. No more impersonal service and trusting your credit cards to the internet.

The Get Good Gear team are bringing back personal service to online purchasing (Distributors are independent businesses)

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